#1 Leading brand in homemade yogurt and kefir making since 1983

Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker

Electric yogurt maker specially designed to maintain ideal incubation temperature to easily prepare a wholesome, natural, and perfect yogurt every time. The Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker helps you prepare homemade yogurt and Greek yogurt in only 4 hours with any type of cow's or goat's milk and even some soy beverages! Homemade yogurt keeps for 2 to 3 weeks in the refrigerator.

  • like thumbs up advantage pratical symbolIncludes accessories
  • like thumbs up advantage practical symbolVersatile; yields 1 or 2 L (quarts) at a time
  • throphy best #1 first prize symbolUnique "water bath" system for optimum temperature and even heating
  • dollar save economical cheap symbol40 to 50% cheaper than commercial yogurt
  • shield protection symbolThree (3) years full factory warranty
  • kitchen cutlery healthty spoon fork symbolIdeal for healthy cooking: desserts, smoothies, dressings, dips, etc.
  • electricity electric power 120 volts symbolWorks on 120 volts
  • ecological reusable planet leafs go green eco symbolGo green; reduce the use of plastic containers
  • For the complete list of accessories and their description see below in the "Accessories" tab
Yogourmet Multi electric yogurt maker white 2 litres (2 quarts) ready in 4 hours cow goat soy milk homemade yogurt Greek yogurt
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Yogourmet precision thermometer

Yogourmet precision thermometer metal clip resistant Fahrenheit Celsius

The Yogourmet precision thermometer indicates exactly when you must add the Yogourmet starter culture, also it has a dual temperature Fahrenheit-Celsius. The temperature range is -20/200°F (-10/100°C) and a metal grip makes it easy to clip the thermometer to a pot or container.

Yogourmet precision thermometer dial close-up view

Color zones indicate the ideal temperature for yogurt and kefir starters. For optimal temperature reading, 3/4 of the stem must be immersed in the liquid.

Yogourmet inner container

Yogourmet extra batch inner container white polypropylene 2 litres

Maximum capacity of 2 litres (2 quarts), dishwasher-safe, seal-tight lid. The container and its lid are made of #5 food-grade polypropylene (BPA-free).

NOTE: Do not use the Yogourmet Multi yogurt maker inner container in the microwave. Instead, use a microwave safe bowl or container to warm the milk then pour the milk in the inner container once the milk has cooled down.

You no longer have to wait for your first container to be empty to start another batch of yogurt!

Cotton bag

Yogourmet reusable ecological cotton bag strained yogurt Greek yogurt

A reusable cotton bag especially designed to make spreadable yogurt cheese, you can also make Greek yogurt (strained yogurt). When used simply rinse the bag and put it in the washing machine.